Özel Anestezi Uzmanı


If you have a diagnosed hypertension, or high blood pressure illness, it is necessary that your illness is controlled within normal limits for your surgery process. If not, fluctuations in blood pressure may occur due to surgical stress and long hunger hours, your heart may get tired, bleeding may take place in your surgery area and fluctuations may occur in your brain and organ functions. It is important that you regularly use your medication and if you are using urine or water excreting medication, it would be beneficial if your anesthetist and cardiologist agree on the path to be followed to prevent you from losing water and to control your blood pressure. In line with the suggestions of your doctors, you are advised to take your blood pressure medication even on the morning of your surgery, unless Otherwise stated. After your surgery, your anesthetist will take care of pain management and take precautions to keep your blood pressure within normal limits after surgical trauma. Let your guide always be your doctor.