Özel Anestezi Uzmanı

Specialist Dr. Gül Baytan Yıldız

Anesthesia and Reanimation

She was born in 1976, in Ankara. She graduated from Ankara Bahçelievler Deneme High-School in 1993 and from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 2000. In 2001, she worked at Ankara University Anesthesia and Reanimation Department for a short period of time. She graduated from Ankara University Anesthesia and Reanimation Department as a specialist in 2007. She wanted to do her compulsory service and chose the center in the most eastern part of Turkey to work as the first anesthesia specialist. Due to her campaigns and work, she became the first specialist doctor selected as the Doctor of the Year in 2008. She assumed surgery room responsibilities and worked as assistant to the Chief Physician.

In 2008, she started working in the Private MESA HOSPİTAL in Ankara. She worked in the Intensive Care Unit for 8 months. Afterwards, she participated in over 10 thousand surgeries in the areas of heart, brain, children, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, eye and general surgeries in all surgical branches. She attended many national and international trainings. She was found successful in the ERC (European Resuscitation Council) courses in Turkey, received her diploma and became a trainer candidate for the ERC. She completed the trainings and participated in many International Resuscitation Foundation trainings as trainer. She has a Turkey BOARD competency certificate and her Europe BOARD is positive. She has successfully completed the development courses jointly prepared by CEEA (Committee for European Education in Anesthesiology); ESA (European Society of Anesthesiology) and World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists required to renew her specialist training diploma from ESA with the support of Turkish Anesthesia Foundation as well during 2015-2017. She has worked as observer in Anesthesia clinics in Germany, Luzern and India. She has participated in numerous specific national and international training courses. She has echocardiography course certificates received from Athens, Macedonia and San Diego American Society and European Society.

She has received plaques from the Turkish Anesthesia Foundation for her social responsibility projects and from Hayata El Ver (Give a Hand to Life) projects under the leadership of ERC for her support in raising the awareness of occupational groups and people. In national and international multi-centered studies, she has participated in multi-centered projects after she completed the participation terms of the Private Hospital. She is also a book writer with her own studies and scientific book translations.

She is a member of the National Turkish Anesthesia and Reanimation Foundation, Turkish Resuscitation Foundation and European Resuscitation Council.

In 2013, she has left her job in TOBB Hospital to work as a private and free-lance anesthetist. She is the mother of twins and is married to Özgür Yıldız.

As an anesthetist who loves her job, her areas of interest are anesthesia in Aesthetic Surgery, anesthesia in Head and Neck Surgery, air tract management, reanimation and echocardiography.

Certificates, Awards and Diplomas

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