Özel Anestezi Uzmanı

Special Anaesthetist


In the modern times, patients are able to choose their surgeons along with their anesthetists. But why is there a need for a special anesthetist? What does a special anesthetist do?

Your special anesthetist is the doctor who interviews you when your surgery day is determined. This doctor determines your medical history, the tests to be done, identify the state of your current illnesses and arranges the consultations with the required units and guides you accordingly. Your anesthetist prepares you for the surgery process, carries out your treatment and follow-up after surgery. Your anesthetist also gives you feedback about your tests.

Your anesthetist who can be reached until your surgery day guides you and gives you suggestions for all your complaints and questions. Your anesthetist does a general evaluation a day before surgery, visits you on the surgery day and gives you the courage shot. Your anesthetist will be by your side during the whole anesthesia experience and checks and maintains all of your vital functions. This doctor calculates and determines the dosages of all your medication according to your medical state and type of surgery. Your anesthetist can foresee any complication, takes precautions for patient safety and intervenes if problems occur.

Your anesthetist wakes you up safely and sends you to your room after you recover from anesthesia. Your anesthetist determines the first time for you to eat and drink water together with your surgeon and observes whether you can tolerate these. Your anesthetist arranges all the medication and pain killers you need to use post-surgery. Your anesthetist asks your nurse to do the follow-up of necessary factors such as blood pressure, heart rate, pain level, fluid intake and urinating. Your anesthetist accompanies you in your first walk to prevent blood pressure fluctuations and prepares you beforehand for your walk. Your anesthetist decides on the date of your discharge with your surgeon. Your anesthetist makes suggestions in the later periods and is always close for you to reach by phone.