Özel Anestezi Uzmanı


Smoking and Anesthesia

We all know the harms of smoking. However, it would be a good idea to take this into consideration in certain cases when your doctor emphasizes it. Smoking both increases complications related to anesthesia and upsets the improvement of wounds and comfort after surgery in numerous manners. It is advised to quit smoking 1 month prior to surgery. This is suggested to make your respiratory functions better until surgery date, to make it possible to facilitate expectoration by the rebirth of thin hairs in the respiratory paths, increase our effort capacity and to send more oxygen to our organs through the circulatory system. In addition, smoking cause the development of infections by nullifying the cells which fight against infections. It also prevents the secretion of tissue regenerative substances which are needed for recovery and oxygen in your blood from reaching your wound area. Therefore, the risk of undesired lung contraction, infections, blood clot formation to the thickening of the blood and delays in the recovery of your wound increase. When you decide to have surgery, you will have a strong reason which are aware of but will make you more determined: To be healthier and recover speedily!