Özel Anestezi Uzmanı


In long surgeries, the feeding of the skin will decrease a little despite the placement of silicones
on soft areas. Therefore, redness or regional problems may occur temporarily after surgery. In
such cases, you need to follow the suggestions of your anesthetist and unless otherwise stated,
you can apply a 100 cc 2% euda boric solution with clean sponges or cotton balls on the problem
areas for a few times a day for 15-20 minutes. In addition, you should not apply pressure and
observe the size and the color of the problem areas. If changes take place in the rigidness, size
and color, you may need to consult the general surgeon under the guidance of your anesthetist.
Patients may feel numbness and pain in certain areas due to remaining motionless for a long
time. These are expected to disappear by time and through walking. Let your doctor be your